Ahriman’s Prophecy

Cheat Codes:

Wicked Witch:
You can choose to be a wicked witch, but your level needs to be at least
between 26 and 2

Before you save the King’s daughter from Zoron, have as much money as possibl

Ex Points:
After finishing a battle, rapidly press Esc several times before you see the
exp dissapea This will add up the exp points that you gained by killing the
monster every time you acces the inventoory and exit it (double Esc
It depends, of course, of your hands spee This cheat also works when you are
between several monster Press [Esc] really fast, and youll see exp adding u
Oh, i almost forgot, you can add exp points only untill you reach a new level,
after it, you must kill a nother monster and repeat everythin