Azure Striker Gunvolt

Handmade Necklace:
Collect all seven hidden jewels then speak with Joule.

Broken Necklace:
Complete the „Firmament” level with the Handmade Necklace equipped.

Best Ending:
Defeat the True Final Boss.

Special missions:
Defeat the True Final Boss to unlock four Gauntlet-style special missions. They
do not have checkpoints and include more enemies than the normal stages.

The Dullahan weapon:
Complete all four special missions. The Dullahan bullets that are more powerful
but cannot tag enemies for electrical attacks.

Lumen Audiolockets:
Turn in at least 3,000 Kudos at a checkpoint or through an offensive skill to
receive a special pendant that can be synthed. When equipped, it will cause a
specific song to be played instead of the normal background music.
Note: This effect happens the first time you reach 1,000 kudos. The Audiolockets
can be earned at the following locations.

Audiolocket 1 (Beyond the Blue) : 1st Sumeragi
Audiolocket 2 (Nebulous Clock) : Subaquatic Base
Audiolocket 3 (Azure Door) : Media Tower
Audiolocket 4 (Pain from the Past) : Biochem Plant
Audiolocket 5 (Scorching Journey) : Datastore
Audiolocket 6 (Rouge Shimmer) : Stratacombs
Audiolocket 7 (A Zip to the Moon) : Pharma Lab

Fight the True Final Boss:
Complete the „Firmament” level for the second time with the Handmade Necklace

Spend at least 3,000 Kudos at a checkpoint or while earning an offensive skill
to get a special pendant that you can synth. Equip that pendant to change the
background music to a particular song when you spend enough Kudos in a specific
area. The audiolockets can be found at the indicated locations.

Beyond the Blue : 1st Sumeragi
Nebulous Clock : Subaquatic Base
Azure Door : Media Tower
Pain from the Past : Biochem Plant
Scorching Journey : Datastore
Rouge Shimmer : Stratacombs
A Zip to the Moon : Pharma Lab