Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble

Cheat Codes:
Pause the game and type score Unpause the game and you will get 10,000 more

Freeze Enemies:
Pause the game and type the word catch and everything will turn into bubbles.

Skip levels:
Press {Ctrl} then {ENTER}. You must press one of those keys at a time continuously
to skip through the levels. However this speeds up one or more of the bubbles.
Other glitches may include other bubbles, bouncing bubbles from other levels, or
a restart to the beginning.

Shooting Radars:
Select 2 player and make controls to mouse, than for 2nd player, press the right
{Ctrl} button to shoot radars instead of lines.

Restart time of each level:
Submitted by: Rahman Shahid

Press {Ctrl} + [Righ Arrow] your fighter will be disappeared and your time will also
be hidden. and to come back press {Ctrl} + [Left Arrow]

* The only problem here is that all the bubbles of that stage will come again.
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