Cabela’s Deer Hunt 2005 Season – Platform: XBox

Compound bow:
Successfully complete 2 regions to unlock the Compound bow.

. 25-06 Bolt-action:
Successfully complete 3 regions to unlock the . 25-06 Bolt-action.

Static scope and 7mm Magnum bolt:
Successfully complete 4 regions to unlock the Static scope and 7mm
Magnum bolt.

13 gauge semi-automatic:
Successfully complete 5 regions to unlock the 13 gauge semi-automatic.

Field scope and . 308 bolt action:
Successfully complete 6 regions to unlock the Field scope and . 308
bolt action.

X-Ray vision:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the X-Ray vision.

Long distance shots:
When trying to shoot deer at long range, it is best to try and find
a long range rifle such as the 300 BA and pre-test shooting something
(like a tree) to see how much you have to compensate for wind and drop.