Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden – Platform: Super Nintendo

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Extra Characters:
At the intro screen, when you hear Goku talking, hold the L and R button and rotate
the D-pad and and the four buttons [A, B, X, Y] in a circular manner. Repeat this
until you hear a chime and Goku’s voic again.

Watch Mode
While playing on VS Battle mode, pause the game and press A + B + X + Y
simultaneously to have a CPU control either player.

Good Ending
Play on a difficulty level of 3 or higher, and faces combat in the following order:

1. Goku Vs Piccolo
2. Goku Vs Vegeta
3. Goku Vs Freezer
4. Piccolo vs Android 20
5. Vegeta Vs Android 18
6. Piccolo Vs Cell
7. Goku Vs Android 16
8. Vegeta vs Trunks
9. Goku Vs Gohan
10. Gohan Vs Cell

– After defeating Cell in the platform of the tournament, a message count with
the image of warriors in the background. Then Fin . . , but there is a word that
says, „Final Battle”.

-Pro Action Replay

Infinite Ki

Infinite Health