Duck Life


Eat Your Way to Victory:
Having a high energy level is key to winning races. Make sure to eat
a lot to increase your energy between events.

Go for the Gold:
As in gold coins. Collect as many as you can, then trade them in for
food, skill-boosting bird seed, or cool accessory items for your
feathered friend.

Getting Midnight Black at the Very Start Of The Game:
With out Unlocking it Or Buying it:

What you do 1st is go to expert races enter the over the volcano as you go
running and then flying into the lava dont worry your duck wont die hell
just turn black as in midnight black.

Easy Flying Level:

The trick is to just let your duck fly straight until he can’t anymore.
When he starts to go down, then you start to pitch in. Keep him flying as
long as you can when he starts to go down. Then repeat. Trust me, it works.