Some Unexplore Sietch:
If you go to the sietch and speak to the fremen chief, some of them
will mention other unexplore sietch. Here are the examples :
– a smuggler village on south eastward of Tuono Clam which is sell
laser gun and weirding module.
– a smuggler village on westward of Ergsun Tuek which is sell weirding
– a sietch north eastward of Oxtyn Timin which is has 3 krys.

Spice Troop Equipment:
It’s better if you equip your fremen troop in which specialize in spice
with harvester and ornitopther. Harvester will improve your spice
production. Orni will watch for the worms which is can swallow your

Improving Your Fremen:
Giving Orni to the fremen will improve their speed of walking
especially for prospector since his job is moving from one sietch to
another sietch.

Easy Way to go to the Sietch:
The easy way to go to the sietch is by choosing the sietch and choose
Go there flying an Orni on See DUNE map. The advantage of this way
is you can choose the sietch eventhough you’re still inside the sietch
but not too deep in the sietch. Btw, if you can ride worm, go to the
desert, choose the sietch and choose Call A Worm on See DUNE Map.

Atreides: Easy win
While playing as Atreides, try to take advantage of your tanks. They can
help not only your defense, but your offense. For example, if you attack
a base with two entrances, create three or four groups (one of men with
typical guns, one of Troopers, one with slow but Heavy Attack Tanks, and
one with fast moving Trikes or Quads. If planned correctly, this will
insure a win even on the most difficult level.

Finding Chani:
In my experience, I’ve found out that Chani is usually in one of the
Harkonnen fortresses near the Atreides palace. Send your army troop to
Chartag Harg then send the spy to make sure that Chani is in one of the
Harkonnen fortresses.