Dungeon Hunter 5

Always try to bring an ally with you. Both players will receive Ally Tickets
which are used to open a specific kind of chest with various rewards. You can
send a friend request after the level is over; you will get better rewards if
you play with the same partners multiple times.

There are five different weapon classes.

* Great swords swing slow but do a great deal of damager per hit.
* Dual blades are less powerful, but are very quick and allow you to attack
multiple times.
* Glaives are long spears that have good attack power and long reach. They
are useful when taking out groups of enemies.
* Staves are magical rods that have elemental properties that allow you to
cast long ranged magical attacks.
* Crossbows are ranged weapons that are less powerful but allows you to
take down enemies at a distance.

There are five elements. Each weapon and monster has a specific elemental
affinity. Fire is stronger than Nature, Nature is stronger than Death, Death
is stronger than Light, Light is stronger than Water, and Water is stronger
than Fire. When selecting a level, the difficulty section will reveal what
type of enemies you will be facing. Before starting, select gear that will
give you an advantage. Use enemy weaknesses to do higher damage.

Traps will begin appearing at level 4. These include explosive mines on the
ground, spring-loaded spike trips, and other devices. If you trigger a traps,
quickly use dodge roll. Because you are invincible during a dodge roll, with
proper timing you should avoid damage from the trap. This can also be used
during Boss attacks.

Fuse unneeded equipment with same elemental property as gear you want to
upgrade. Save equipment that has the same element as your favorite gear to
sacrifice as material to fuse.