Frosty Flips

Frosty Flips

Submitted by: David K.

* While collecting presents and doing flips, if you grab the nose of your
board (spacebar) while collecting, you will double the amount that the
presents are worth.

* In level 5, when you drop down, use the droptime to make a flip
(frontflip or backflip).

* When jumping, watch out not to do both back-flips and forward-flips. Just
do one or the other. If you do both, you won’t get any points.

* If you tap the left arrow key a few times, you can make Santa play wicked
air guitar!

* Well we all know and love Paul Nelson’s ‚tap the left air guitar’, but this
is 100% better! tap left, right, left, right, and santa is strumming his
guitar like there’s no tomorrow!

* If you reach level ten with more than one life in reserve, grab some presents
and then try to crash on purpose. Then use your last life to land successfully.
The game ends after 10 levels no matter what, so if you have any lives in
reserve they will be wasted opportunities to gain points.

* In you get ‚Ouch!’ on your screen, still try and get the presents in the air.
You can still get points after you die.

* Make sure you use the spacebar on flips to double the points of presents.

* Use your extra lives on level 9 to pick up the most points.

* Do flips when you can between ramps to gain extra points.

* On level 1 hit the first ramp at a slower speed to get both presents.

* On level 2 after the second ramp slow down (by pressing the down arrow) or
you will clear the dropoff with too much speed and miss the presents on the

* You can beat levels 1-4 without pressing a single button.

* On level 5 you can do multiple flips on the steep incline before the first

* Hold the left arrow to make Santa stick out his big belly.