Litil Devil

Litil Devil

Cheat Codes:
Start the game with any of the following case-sensitive command
line parameters to activate the cheat function.

Effect Code Keys
Selects a new level – KmCiNpOcKeT – then [F1].
Jumps to new room – Nicole – then {Shift}+[P].
Adds energy – MEANING – then {Shift}+[P].
Adds money – Donkey – then [T].
Adds key – Grumpy – then [K].

General Hints:
* Move slowly down the corridors and keep looking ahead of MUTT,
this helps you to avoid the traps.

* On all levels try to fully explore all the corridors because
you will find money and food.

* Save your game on each level then if you die you can start from
the same level again without having to start the game again.

* Making a map of each level will help you to keep a track of where
you are, make sure you mark the position of the Goodies room as
you will need to return to it to buy things on most levels.

* When you enter a room for the first time try to find a safe place
to stand. Then you can try to work out what needs to be done.

* To defeat the bridge monsters at the beginning and then end of
each Level the best thing you can do is a combination of high and
low hits.

* Remember you can press [Button 2] in the tunnel to bring up the