Madden NFL 1998

Madden NFL 1998

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by. BoneK

Enter one of the following player names to activate the cheat function

Name Result
LEECH – Better Defensive Back
GLOVES – Easier Catches
BIGFOOT – Better Kicking
JACKHAMMER – Better Stiff Arm

Extra Teams:
ORRS HEROES – EA Sports Team
LOIN CLOTH – Tiburon Team
LEADERS – All Time Leaders
COACH – All Time All Madden
PAC ATTACK – All 60’s Team
STEELCURTAIN – All 70’s Team
GOLD RUSH – All 80’s Team

Extra Stadiums
JETSONS – Astrodome(Old Oilers)
DAWGPOUND – Cleveland Browns Stadium
SNAKE – Old Oakland Stadium
DANDAMAN – Old Miami Dolphins Stadium
OLDDC – JFK Stadium(Old Redskins)
SHARKSFIN – Tiburon Sports Complex
GHOST TOWN – Wild West(late 1800’s Texas)

Never let opponent snap the ball:
To always get a delay of game on each play, hold [Audible]
before the ball is snapped. The player that you are controlling
will call out audibles the entire time and your opponent will
never get to snap the ball.