Magic – The Gathering – Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of
Gamerscore points:

The Spark (20 points): Win a game.
Life Preserver (10 points): Increase your life total to 30 or more in single
player, or 60 or more in Two-Headed Giant.
Magic: The Puzzling (10 points): Complete a challenge.
Devastator (10 points): Deal 20 combat damage to a player in a single turn in
a game.
Defender of Foriys (20 points): Win a Two-Headed Giant game.
Spellslinger (0 points): Defeat someone who has earned the Spellslinger
Duelist (10 points): Win 5 ranked Xbox Live matches.
Epic Conclusion (40 points): Defeat Tezzeret in the final single-player
campaign battle.
Puzzling Master (20 points): Complete all challenges.
Master of Artifice (10 points): Defeat Tezzeret & Tezzeret in the cooperative
Duels Master (20 points): Win 10 Xbox Live matches.
Planeswalker (30 points): Unlock 100%.