Need for Speed – Porsche Unleashed

Need for Speed – Porsche Unleashed

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Mubashar Habib

Just type the following codes as Profile name to get adjacent result.

Code Result
RKOCAR – Unlock all cars
RKOPATH – Unlock all Tracks
RKOALL – Unlock all cars & Tracks
RKOCASH – Get 9999999$ in evolution mode

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Getting a problem of low speed car?:
Submitted by: bi_ku4

Then at the evolution mode go to the garage and select a car. then fo to parts
and buy new parts which are expensive but can add speed. (Eg.For standard Flywheel
you can buy Superlight flywheel which adds about 15 hp of power). in this way you
can get more power and speed. after buying all of that things come back and go to
car setup and replace the parts as in the example above and replace other many
more parts in the same way which will add a lot of speed.

More Money in Evolution Mode:
Submitted by: leila flaherty TCP

Buy a new expensive car (like a ‚Moby-Dick’, GT1 or other race-class car)
and sell it for more than you bought it. If you overprice the car too much,
you will never get offered the exact amount. If it is reasonably overpriced,
you get the exact amount immediately. The more expensive the car, the more
you can overprice it. You can only make about one thousand points from a cheap
car, but with a car like the ‚Moby-Dick’ you can make about 13 000!

Winning Formula:
Submitted by: leila flaherty TCP

Don’t believe everything you read in the Cheats section of this Database. Check
out the brilliant PC-Walkthrough of NFS Porsche 2000, which gives detailed tips
on handling, tracks and car parts. Some versions of Porsche Unleashed are the
same as Porsche 2000. Slow and Steady wins the race – usually, rushing past your
opponents gives you a few wonderful moments in 1st place, but you soon get beaten.
Slow down when you think you might crash, even if someone is catching up to you.
CAUTION is the keyword!
Not every detour is a shortcut. Often, the most direct-looking route has many
tight corners, so plot your route before you race. Although automatic is easier,
manual can push higher revs and more speed out of the car. Also, if you find you
did not brake hard enough for a corner, you can shift up to a lower gear to help
slow the car while staying in control (not full control, but better than using
brakes or the handbrake).

No Cops:
Submitted by: Moiz

The folder where u have installed the game there will be another folder naming
data or some thing like that i dont remember exactly any ways find the folder
naming Cops delete it and there will be no more annoying cops. Just find the
folder cops in the game folder and delete it.

More money:
To earn a profit of about $5,500 or more (depending on how far you are in
Underground mode), follow these steps. Go to Underground mode and enter the
Customize Ride menu. Then, select the Trade option and trade your car for
a Mazda RX-7. If you already have it as your car, skip this step. Downgrade
all of your performance upgrades to stock. Then, go back to the Trade option
and trade your car for a Volkswagen Golf GTI. Then, put all of your performance
upgrades back onto the Golf GTI and trade your car for the Mazda RX-7. If done
correctly, you should gain a profit of at least $5,500. Repeat those steps as
many times as desired. In a short time you should have at least $30,000.

Buying cars:
When you want to buy a car but you do not have enough money, do not wait until
you win enough for the purchase. You will not be able to get enough money to
buy the good cars until the next era. For example, the Moby Dick car is $450,000
on the market in the 70s, but will be sold broken for over $2,000,000 on the
used menu. The 365s in the 50’s sell for between $11,000 to $13,000, but will
be priced broken for over $100,000. When you are short of cash, buy the used
cars, fix them up, then sell them for more. Collect money until you have
enough to buy a new car.

Shortcut in Schwarzwald:
You can take a shortcut just before you enter sawmill area.

When the game loads, go to evolution, garage. At the bottom left corner there is a
box. Press add and you will get more money. This may increase damage effects though.

Make opponents crash easily:
This trick involves a straightaway and two equal cars. Drive side-by-side with
another car and force him into the wall. He will be turning into you now. Accelerate
faster so that your car will be grinding the front end of his car. Then, let your
car hit the wall and get control again. If done correctly, if you look behind you
your opponent will steer too far and crash into the other wall. You can also grind
into his car, but this time put on the brakes so you can do a PIT maneuver to spin
him out. Note: Choose the Monte Carlo Circuit 1, 4 or 5 for this trick. Also, this
trick works best with Classic Era cars as they do not have as much grip as Golden
or Modern cars. However, some Golden Era cars do work.

Easy Money:
* Buy the used cars and fix them up. Put them back on the market and you will get
more money than you would if you sold a new car. If you want even more money for
the old cars, keep them until the next era and they will be worth $60,000.

* Purchase a used car and choose an Overall repair. When completed, the value
of your car will be higher than the purchase price and the cost of the repairs.
Sell the car, purchase another used car and repeat as needed.

Get money quickly:
Submitted by: Muhammad Ali

In the evoluation round,if you want to get money faster, while selling a car write a
higher price for it than the price in market you will get a little more money than
the market price.

200mph (320 kmh):
Submitted by: Yehia

Get a 911 GT1 and go to car setup. Make all gear ratios in the negative number and the least
you can do. Leave the reverse and final gears out. Your car could have slow accelration.
The top speed could be 225 mph (360 kmh).