Cheat Codes:

Easy „A Key Moment” achievement:
Find the locked door in the first outpost, on the right from the
repairman’s house (it has two money packs inside The key is on the
table, but you must wait until the man is outside to collect i Go
out and wait until the man enters the house, then go to the locked
Note: If you talk with him after collecting the key, he will take i

Easy „Secret Cave” achievement:
In Level 5: „We, The Remains”, look behind the house where you have to
talk to Helen The cave is further north at the end of the ma

Easy „Survival Of The Unfit” achievement:
In Level 3: „The Streets Are Alive” on the Normal difficulty, you will
be manning a gun on a truck and eventually circle around the six park
defender Keep them alive to get the „Survival Of The Unfit” achievemen

Easy „It must be Art” achievement:
Play level 1, „A Bug’s Nest Find the area with several paths before
the rainy room that Max complains abou Enter a room in the northwest
and stand near the toilet to earn the achievemen