Star Wars – Episode I – The Phantom Menace

Star Wars – Episode I – The Phantom Menace

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by Pasha shahini – )

In the Escape From Theed level,I found a proton missle launcher. As we
can open the door in front of us,we have to jump to the other side and
open the door from the inside.But if you noticed, after jumping, if you
walk ahead,there is a platform below. Just jump down and grab it.Jump
back to the top. The best strategy for killing Darth is to have 6 proton
missle launcher shells. As soon as you come out from the forcefield, he
will hit you with red lightning. Run to your left and make sure that he
doesnt hit you with it anymore.Now take out your proton missle launchers
and fire it direct towards Darth. Watch him die after launching the 6th

In level 8,dont bother about the fellows shooting at you,just run ahead
and face Darth.As soon as he jumps down,you jump up onto the nearest stone.
In this case, you only have to fight him on the other side after pushing
the stone blocking your way.

Submitted by: Niyaz

At the Final Battle, against the Sith Warrior, after he has killed Qui-Gon,
use force push and try to push him down into the hole in the center, then
he will die. Dont bother about his attacks.

Submitted by: Perfect

The best way to kill darthmaul in the last level is to have 1-3thermal
detonaters and thrw them on sure to be a safe distance.