Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People – Episode 5 – 8-Bit Is Enough

Trogdor 3-Dungeon:

Successfully complete the game. Then, go to the Trogdor
Machine. When you press it, it will start up Trogdor

Redcoat Ghost patrol:
After Trogdor gets out of the machine, go to the House Of Strong. Get
the ghosts out of the House Of Strong by helping all four colonel ghosts
(the blue ones). Then, go out to the field. Somewhere in between the cool
car and photo booth will be a Redcoat Ghost. Shoot it with the light musket.
When you check the game stats under the „Video Game” section, it should
read „Redcoat Ghost Patrol” and that you have 100 points for it. To get
more points, go to the same place, and shoot the Redcoat Ghost until you
get the desired amount of points.

Cheat laughs:
After Trogdor is out of the machine and the ghosts are out of the House Of
Strong, go to a Redcoat Ghost found somewhere in the field. Take out your
light musket. If you miss it, The Cheat will come out of nowhere and laugh,
similar to how the dog on Duck Hunt appeared.