Sword Of Mana – Platform: Gameboy Advance

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Expert enemies:
Kill over 1, 000 of the same enemy to replace it with an
much more difficult black version of it in future encounters.

Charge attack:
To do a special charge attack, wait until your attack
gauge is full and your character starts flashing green.
Hold A for approximately two seconds, and release it.
Your character will do a charge attack which varies with
weapon to weapon.

Easy experience:
In the room before battling Count Lee, there are four bats
flying around. If you kill each one, you may get an object.
After a few seconds, the bats reappear. Keep killing them
and after awhile you will get easy experience.

Polter Boxes:
Every time you defeat a Polter Box, you will get a very
good item such as materials, seeds, icons and even coins.
However, in some locations, you cannot find a Polter Box.
Try to get it by hitting the Polter Box icon using the
treasure chest left behind by an enemy that you just killed.
Note: Only some treasure chest contain the Polter Box icon.
Others will have spikes, stones etc.