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How to Get 95 Turbine Points in 40 Min (Grind Path):
Written by Hexatorium

So there are quite a few turbine point routes suggested on the internet, but all
of them take about 2 hours for maybe about 200 turbine points, which at least
to me seems counter-productive, and I personally am not fond of repeating the
same 2 hour grind over and over. So I did a lot more research, figured out some
of my own paths, and found one where you can get 95 turbine points in only 40

You will first need to create a character, and get them up to level 10 as
fast as possible; the reason for this being so that we can get our hands on a
slayer deed booster, that you get at level 10 through the blue gift box. You
CAN squeeze in some more deeds here for some extra points if you wish, but I
recommend just getting to level 10 as fast as possible and getting out.
Once you get the slayer deed booster, send it to another account through the
mail, and delete your level 10 character.
Create a new character; I recommend a human minstrel, as the minstrel just
blitzes through enemies and the Human intro is rather short, I find I’ve
been able to clear it in about 15-20 minutes.
Finish the intro, and mail yourself the slayer deed from your other character
to your grinding character.

-=Map for Reference Points and Routev
* Red indicates the route.
* Light purple is elven ruins.
* Yellow is scouting the dourhands.
* Black is Dwarven places.
* Dark purple is deed grinding spots.

-=The Path=-
Now you need to pop open your blue gift box. We are looking for the writ of
passage item that will allow you to fast travel for free. You may as well
also pop open the red gift box and get the horse whistle, as it’ll help things
go by much faster.
Travel to Combe and activate the writ of passage, and use the stablemaster to
travel to Celondim.
From here, head up to Nen Hilith, and start the elf-ruin exploration deed.
Head in, activate your slayer booster, and do two laps of the lake, killing
all the wolves you see, for the wolf slayer deed. Ideally, by the time you’ve
done your second lap, you should be somewhere between quarter to halfway
through the advanced deed.
Now head out of Nen Hilith, killing any wolves you see along the way if you
aren’t quite halfway through the the advanced deed, and get to Tham Gelair.
There should be enough wolves in this area to finish the deed, but if you
push through, and aren’t quite done yet, just keep going. There’ll be more
wolves on the route to the next elven ruin.
Head to Limael’s Vineyard, and start the goblin slayer deed. At this point
you should also be done with the wolf slayer advanced deed, but there are
some wolves in the hills at the entrance of the vineyard if you’re lacking a
couple kills.
Do a lap of the vine yard, killing all the goblins you see, and then leave.
Travel to Dol Ringwest, and once you’re here you should be done with the wolf
slayer deed if you still needed to finish it, and you can also finish the
goblin slayer deed, as well as the advanced one here.
Head to the Den area where lots of Hendrevail spawn, its north of the hunter’s
lodge. Stick around here until you’re about 10-20/40 on the advanced slayer
Now head to Kheledul, where you should find both of the landmarks that are
here for the Scouting the Dourhands Deed (Spire and Docks), as well as do
both brigand slayer deeds, and the Hendrevail slayer deed.
Once you’re done with that, head to the spider nest thats just north of
Kheledul, across the mountains; you’ll have to go around.
Slaugther all the spiders here till you’re maybe 40-50/60 on the advanced
slayer deed, then head north.
Head to the Wardspire, killing enough spiders along the way to finish that
slayer deed.
Head to Grimwater, and then to Ringdale, finishing the Scouting the Dourhands
Now you should head to Gondamon, starting the Places of the Dwarves
exploration deed.
Grab a ride from the stable master to Noglond, then from there a ride to
Thorins gates, where you discover Frerin’s court upon entry.
Head up to discover Thorin’s gate, and then head east to find Deep Silver
And you’re done!

-=Final Tally=-
So, you should have recieved the following:

* 75 turbine points total for completing the slayer deeds.
* 15 turbine points total for completing all the exploration deeds.
* 5 turbine points for hitting level 10 and recieving the „Epic Battles
Await” message.

Total: 95 turbine points!

-=Final Notes=-
This will at first take you longer than 40 minutes, and may take longer
based on whether or not there are others running this path, but with practice
and luck, you’ll find you can knock down your times to 40 minutes, sometimes
even below.