True Crime – Streets of LA – Platform: Playstation 1

Enter these while on the pause menu:

All Driving Upgrades Unlocked
Left, Right, Left, Right, X

All Fighting Moves Unlocked
Up, Down, Up, Down, X

Bigger Car (must be in car before you enter it on the pause menu)
Down, Down, Down, X

Show’s Nick Kang’s Current Location
X, Circle, Square, Triangle

Smaller car
up, up, up, x

Enter these on the map screen and not during gameplay
Unlock All Impound Garage Cars
Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, X

Unlocks Snoop Dogg
R1 , L1, up, right, left, down, L3, R3, x, Square, circle, triangle

You can enter any one of these while creating a license plate.
Once finished inputting the code name make sure the okay button
is highlighted first then press L1 + R1 + X.
HAWG Become a biker
JASS Become a blind, mado-sachoism, donkey smoking a cigarette
PHAM Become a butcher that is asian
M1K3 Become a commando
BRUZ Become a famous boxer
B00B Become a female punk
TFAN Become a gangster
TATS Become a lady who has a tatoo everywhere
MNKY Become a male punk
J1MM Become a nasty corpse
PIMP Become a pimp
FATT Become a police officer in a higher position
5WAT Become a S. W. A. T. team member
B00Z Become a street bum
HARA Become a working asian
MRFU Become an asian that likes gambling
FUZZ Become Johnson the police officer
LOLA Become Lola
B1G1 Become your female boss
ROSA Become your partner
HURT_M3 Become your partner but wearing lingerie instead