• Blood Bowl 2

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    Cheat Codes:

    Changing players stats offline:
    You’ll need a database editor such as SQLite Manager for Firefox or other SQL
    edito Locate the Campaign database file:
    (e „C:DocumentsBloodBowl2CampaignCampaigdb”

    Open the file with your SQL editor and scroll down to „bb_team_campaign_save”
    and you’ll see a single entr Make note of the „idTeam” valu

    Now go to „bb_player_listing” and locate all the players with the same „idTeam”
    value you found previousl You can now edit the individual players on your tea

    Specifically „characsMovementAllowance”, „characsStrength”, „characsAgility”,
    and „characsArmourValue WARNING!!! Do not change stats on a player until the
    „tutorial” introduces i For example in game 3, they introduce agilit

    If you edit your Agility BEFORE the game opens it up, your game will cras
    Under the „bb_team_listing” table in the database, you can freely change your
    current mone The value is located under „cash You can do this at any time
    it seem

    As always, take special care when editing and backup your files beforehan

    Edit money:
    You can edit the stats of your players in offline Campaign mod Use a SQL
    database editor to edit the „Campaigdb” file in the folder:
    Scroll down to the bb_team_listing table in the database to set your current
    mone The value is located under cas

    Easy „Favour of the Golden College” achievement:
    Create an Orc team from four goblins and seven linema Do not purchase any
    re-rolls, apothecary, or other improvement Play one game to completion with
    any outcom „Favour of the Golden College” will be earned after you receive
    your bonus rewar

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