• Company of Heroes 2

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    Cheat Codes:

    To open up the cheats console you have to be in-game and then press the following

    then after it,s open you can enter any cheat cod
    Note: To close the cheats console after you,re done press the [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[TILDE]
    keys agai

    Effect Code
    —————————————————————— –
    Big Head Mod 1 for on, 0 for of – ee_bigheadmode(1/0)
    Display frames per secon – statgraph_channel(„fps”)
    Enable „statgraph_channel” code – statgraph()
    Hide taskba – taskbar_hide
    Quit gam – abortgame
    Restart gam – restart
    Set game speed (default is 8 – setsimrate
    Show taskba – taskbar_show
    Spawn M10 Tank Destroyer in Mouse Point – Cheat_M10 (number of unit)
    Toggles Fog of War on/off – FOW_Toggle

    Easy „Theater of War Battle General” achievement:
    Play a „Theater of War” battle and when there is only 1 point remaining near the
    end, save the gam Repeatedly load that saved game until you earn the achievemen

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