• Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure

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    Cheat Codes:
    Update by: Dj Simo

    Pressing [Tab]+[Del]+[F12] at once activates debug mode:

    [F10] [G] – God mode
    [F10] [W] – Warp
    [F10] [M] – Display memory usage statistics
    [F10] [C] [0] – Unlimited objects

    Health and bombs:
    Pressing [C] [0] [F10] down simultaneously will give you a
    full health and bomb (Once per game)

    Command Line Parameter „apogee” will do all sorts of funny stuf
    The most important is : if you die quickly enough after entering
    a level, you’ll be invincible from then on, to everything but pits
    on the bottom of the leve

    Start the game with the cosmo1 -next command lin
    Then hold [Shift] + G + O + Note: All save and restore
    functions will be disable

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