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    Cheat Codes:

    Enter one of the following codes during the indicated
    game to activate the corresponding cheat functio
    Note: Substitute [Ctrl] for [Alt] to enable the same
    code for Techno-Bill in the Techno-Raiders code

    In Game „CEO Simulator” type:

    Code Effect
    F9 – to take $50,000 away
    F10 – to give $50,000 to yourself
    F11 – to take $1,000,000 away
    F12 – to give $1,000,000

    In „Techno-Raiders” type:
    Dilbert = [Alt] Techno Bill = [Ctrl]

    Code Effect
    Alt+P – to Move up a level
    Alt+I – to get 25 Points & a gadget
    Alt+L – to get an Extra Device (life)
    Alt+N – to get Invincibility
    Alt+O – to get Previous leve

    Adjust CEO Simulator speed:
    Press [F8] during the CEO Simulator to increase its spee This
    can be repeated for yet a faster settin Press [F7] to decrease
    the spee

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