• Fox Sports Soccer ’99

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    When in Amateur mode, don’t try a bunch of complicated passing
    instead, run like the dickens; if you zigzag to lose your pursuer,
    you’ll more often than not end up in front of the opposition net
    or the recipient of a free kic

    If you figure you’ve got a pretty good angle on the ball carrier,
    try running „through” him without clicking any button You cannot
    draw a foul if you don’t attempt to knock him off the ball, and
    you’ll often come up with it anywa

    After-touch, particularly at Semipro or Pro levels, is oh-so-
    importan One of the most effective scoring techniques involves
    bearing straight at the goalie, blasting the ball as hard as
    possible, then curving it on the way i Gooooal!

    Choose the Blimp Cam, then zoom out for a definitive read of the
    fiel Results are much better with it than without i

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