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    Cheat Codes:
    Update by: Kodi123

    Enter one of the following codes at the „Enter secret” screen, then click the
    check mark to activate the cheat functio The alternate way of unlocking the
    cheats is to get the indicated number of casualtie

    Result Code Casualties
    Put in this code to skip to freestyle mode without
    having to beat the game firs – sweetness 100

    Everyone wears a ha – woohoo 200

    Slow enemies dow – slowtime 300

    Speed up enemies! – supercharge 500

    Gives you a million dolar – richify 1000

    Only stick figures on the scree
    (Only in freestyle mode) – sticky1500

    Undoes pervious cod – desticky 1500

    Secret message – freefall 2000

    Unlocks freestyle mode and all secrets
    (can be used anytime) – crazymonkey 2500


    Put in crazymonkey and it will unlock free style and give you every cod

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