• Kessen 2 – Platform: Playstation 2

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    Select side
    Successfully complete the game with the Lui Bei or Cao Cao. Select „New
    Game” and
    you will be able to choose which side to be played.

    Hidden battles
    After you finish the game as Liu Bei to unlock Cao Cao’s side, notice that
    the difficulty
    level is set at normal instead of beginner (when you played as Liu Bei).
    complete the game as Cao Cao under the normal difficulty setting to unlock
    expert level.
    Select either Liu Bei or Cao Cao at the expert difficulty setting. Complete
    the game under
    expert difficulty setting to unlock a hidden battle for each side. As Liu
    Bei, the hidden battle
    is The Battle of East Lau. As Cao Cao, the hidden battle is The Battle of
    Chang Zheng.

    Play With Either Side
    To gain the ability to play as either the Cao Cao or Lui Bei forces, simply
    finish the game.
    Then, at the main title screen, you will have the option to select either
    side when you choose
    New Game.

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