• NFL Quarterback Club ’97

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    Cheat Codes:
    Select pre-season mod Then, enter one of the following
    codes at the team selection screen to activate the cheat

    Result Code
    Permanent turbo [F1] [F1] [F2] [F2] [F1] [F2]
    More fumbles[F1] [F1] [F1] [F4] [F1] [F1]
    Landmines on field[F1] [F1] [F1] [F3] [F1] [F1]
    Enable 47 historic teams [F4] [F2] [F5] [F3] [F4] [F5]
    47 more historic teams [F4] [F2] [F5] [F4] [F4] [F5]
    Long range passes and kicks [F1] [F1] [F3] [F5] [F1] [F3]
    Shadow player mode[F1] [F1] [F3] [F4] [F1] [F3]
    NFC/AFC pre-season mode [F1] [F1] [F1] [F2] [F1] [F1]
    Slippery field [F1] [F1] [F5] [F3] [F1] [F5]
    Super team mode [F1] [F1] [F5] [F2] [F1] [F5]
    Super fast game [F1] [F1] [F4] [F4] [F1] [F4]
    Super slow motion mode [F1] [F1] [F4] [F3] [F1] [F4]
    Big players [F1] [F1] [F3] [F2] [F1] [F3]
    Small players [F1] [F1] [F3] [F3] [F1] [F3]
    Tall and skinny players [F1] [F2] [F3] [F3] [F1] [F3]
    8 downs allowed [F1] [F2] [F4] [F2] [F1] [F4]
    Acclaim/Iguana teams in preseason [F1] [F1] [F4] [F5] [F1] [F4]
    All teams in preseason [F4] [F2] [F5] [F5] [F4] [F5]

    Use your turbo when rushing up the middle right when you hit the O-lin
    This will allow you to break through quickly if no defenders are present
    and allow you to gain a few extra yard
    To delay getting tackled when surrounded by defenders try to spin away
    using the space ba
    The stiff arm is only helpful when rushing the left or righ It doesn’t
    seem to help when rushing up the middl
    If you are having trouble timing your passes, let the QB throw them for
    a whil Hike the ball and let him choose who to throw t
    The AI ain’t ba

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