• Rocks’n’Diamonds Jue

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    Cheat Codes:

    R’n’D jue is an alternative version of Rocks’n’Diamond

    9999 levels in your levelset:
    You can have 9999 levels in your levelse Follow the steps:

    Open your documents
    Open R’n’d jue folder (it are two)
    In one of them you find the folder named with „levels”, open it
    Open the folder with your levelset (in folder „levels” is only your levelset)
    Click on levelinfconf and open it manually with notebook
    It is not many write, only look for „100first_level” and change the 100 to so
    many levels how you want (max 9999!)
    Save it and close the notebook

    That’s all! Now you can create more than 100 levels (when you have change the number
    higher than 100)!

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