• Rodent’s Revenge

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    Easy Points
    Go into the options scree Set the game level to 50 and speed to Blazin Begin game
    play and do not mov

    High Scores:
    ———– –
    Go to options and set the level on „50” and the speed on „Blazing” and start a new game,
    Stand still and watch your points sky rocket!

    Extra Points:
    ———— –
    After you trap a cat and he turns to chees Move the blocks so that you can go onto
    the piece of chees Do so and you can get 100 point

    Pause Exploit:
    Pause the game, then press the directional keys to enter up to four or five move
    Unpause the game from there and the mouse should move in the directions you had indicate
    You can only plot out a few moves in this manner, but it works great to get the drop on
    the cats if you make use of it wisel

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