Samurai Jack – The Shadow of Aku – Platform: Gamecube

Lightning sword:
Press Analog-stick Down + C-stick Up, A, then press X, A, Y, B.

Crystal Sword:
During gameplay, press DOWN on the Right Analog Stick + UP on the C-Sick,
A, X, B, Y.

Fire sword:
Press Analog-stick Down + C-stick Up, A, then press B, A, X, Y.

Flame Sword:
Hold Up (Control Stick) and Down (C Stick) and press B, A, X, Y.

Get Jack to Wear the Straw Hat:
Take Jack to the forest village area. Now leave the controller alone for a few
minutes; don’t touch any buttons. After a short time Jack will kneel down, pick
some grass, and make himself a straw hat. This happens to be the same hat that
Jack wears in the actual cartoon. Also, you can fight while wearing the hat
until you sustain damage.

Giant Chicken Attack:
When you enter the first town of the game there are chickens running around on
the ground. Simply chase one of them and slash it with your sword. It will turn
into a Giant Chicken and start attacking you.

Max Health Meter:
Hold Right (Control Stick) and Left (C Stick) and press A, X, Y, B.

Max Zen Meter:
Hold Left (Control Stick) and Right (C Stick) and press X, A, B, Y.

Complete the game on Hard difficulty.

Complete the game on Easy difficulty.

Complete the game on Normal difficulty.