Total War – Rome 2

Achievements Guide:

Auxilia – Complete 1 hour of gamepla
Optio – Fight a battle from the campaign map without auto-resolvin
First Time Lucky – Use at least 1 special ability during a campaign battl
Dock of the Bay – Fight a combined land and naval siege battle during a campaig
Empire-builder – Capture 3 settlement
Supremacy – Destroy or subjugate a factio
In the Navy! – Fight a battle with naval units in any campaig
Tempus Fugit – Play 20 campaign turn
The Power of Three – Use at least 3 different special abilities during a campaign battl
Impenetrable Wall – Successfully defend a city without losing a single victory point during a campaign battl
Liberator – Release 1000 battle captive
Siege! – Successfully siege and capture a city by seizing its victory points during a campaign battl
Veteran – Complete 10 hours of gamepla
On Land & Sea – Fight a combined battle during a campaign using both land and naval force
Slave-driver – Enslave 1000 battle captive
Sightseeing – Successfully capture one of the great cities of the ancient world, Rome, Athens, Carthage or Alexandria, in battl
Unleash Hades! – Kill 200 men with siege artillery in any single battl
Executioner – Execute 1000 battle captive
Decurion – Fight 10 battles in a single campaign without auto-resolvin
Bloodthirsty – Kill 10,000 men in battl

The game will feature 117 different factions around the campaign map, each with their
own unit roster and agend Eight of these will be playable on the initial release,
more will be included as either free or paid downloadable conten These playable
factions will be divided into three cultural groups: Graeco-Roman, Barbarian and
Easter Each will have a unique play style associated with them, and each will
bring a completely different Total War: Rome II experienc Some of them are bound
on military conquest, while others focus more on diplomacy and trad