Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievement. To view your
achievements and stats in Steam, select „Community”, then search for the
game hub that corresponds to [Tristoy]. Select the „View Stats” drop down
option, then choose the option for your username’s achievements.

Achievement How to unlock
Bromance – survive with Stayn and Freedan.
Couch Play – play Tristoy with a friend next to you.
Dirty business – kill the parasite.
down to earth – complete the game with 150 jumps or less.
Invincible – finish the game without dying.
It’s a trap! – Oops!.
Jumpy fellow – Jump more than 10000 times.
Killing spree – kill one thousand shadowblobs.
Oedipus Successor – beat the sphinx in a riddle contest.
Overkill – kill Fren Gidius, Kaya and Falis.
Threesome – escape with Freedan, Stayn and Ink.
Treasure Hunter – find 7 treasure chests.
Turn me on – use gyromantic magic.
Two for one – rescue a prisoner.