Arena Football – Platform: Playstation 2

(EA Sports) Better defense:
If you control one of your linemen and hold Left Analog-stick Down
before the snap, you will get a better jump on trying to get to the
quarterback or fullback. If you want to prevent the deep pass or the
run, a good play to use is Deep Pass. This is useful when the other
team is inside their own ten on forth down and goes for it.

Better kicks:
When kicking, try and keep the Right Analog-stick straight when going
from down to up. This allows for a more accurate kick instead of one
that may end up out of bounds.

Better offense:
In order to create more open passes, set picks for your other receivers
in order to get them wide open. You can do this by controlling a wide
receiver yourself and putting a pick on a defender; or you can set
crosses, posts, curls, or flys by hot-routing other receivers near by.
This usually works, and often has good results if you set the picks
correctly. This is especially helpful when in need of a first down,
near the endzone, or for a conversion.

Classic Teams:
Complete the challenge mode in order to unlock new teams.

New Orleans Night:
To unlock the New Orleans Night do not throw an interception the entire game.

New Orleans Voodoo:
To Unlock the New Orleans Voodoo, You must make a 30 yard field goal.

Charlotte Rage:
Complete The „Wall Hit” Challenge

Buffalo Destroyers:
Complete The „Jack Linebacker” Challenge