kody do gier

W naszej całej bazie ponad 20’000 gier z podziałem na różne konsole!

3-Hole Challenge

3-Hole Challenge Hints: —— Drag your mouse around in the main window (where your golfer is standing). The arrow at

Alien Logic Skyrealms

Alien Logic Skyrealms Cheat Codes: ———— This game is titled also Skyrealms Of Journe: Alien Logic Start the game with

Kitty LUV

Kitty LUV We will get new cheats and hints soon for this game. Sorry for any inconvenience. We’re doing our


llway. Pressing the red button opens a door in the floor. In the lower,level there’s a small table with a


Tropix Hints: —— Submitted by: Muhammad kashif Dont forget to purchase items from all three categories (Food, Fun, and Comfort)

688 Hunter-Killer

688 Hunter-Killer HexCheat: ——— If you open the player.db file a hex editor, you can edit your points. Go down

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds Level skip: ———– Submitted by: RM Press N to advance to the next level.

Knights of Honor

Knights of Honor Cheat Codes: ———— Submitted by: conner54 Update by:Mariusz Press {ENTER} during game play, then type one of


LogiGrid Cheat Codes: ———— Submitted by: jens lohse All levels select: —————— The play stores in the text file C:\CN.LOG,


Turba Cheat Codes: ———— Submitted by: David K. Steam achievements: ——————- Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement.

A Bugs Life

A Bug’s Life Bonus level: ———— Enter BL26 as a password. Level Password —————- 1 9LKK 2 BL26 3 5P9K

Allods – Sealed Mystery

Allods – Sealed Mystery Cheatmode: ———- To enter these codes, press ENTER, type #CHICKEN, press ENTER, followed by any of

Konung 2 – Blood of Titans

Konung 2 – Blood of Titans HexCheat: ——— Submitted by: Haspa First you should start the game and then save


Timeline Submitted by: rickHH Hints: —— Guards arent very bright. Attack them from behind as they make their rounds. One

Turrican 2

Turrican 2 Cheat: —— Press HELP to enter music selection screen, then press [1] [4] [2] and then press [Esc]

A2 Racer 3 – Europa Tour

A2 Racer 3 – Europa Tour Submitted by: Jens Neuij Invincibility: ————– Hold down Ctrl+Space+i for Invurnability.

Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol Cheats: ——- Additionally, following it through will alter critical game files. Be sure to make back-up files of

Kung Fu

Kung Fu Level Passwords: —————- Submitted by. RM Level 2 – Low Punch, High Punch, High Punch, Low Kick Level

Titan Online

Titan Online We will get new cheats and hints soon for this game. Sorry for any inconvenience. Were doing our

Abrahams Battle Tank

Abrahams Battle Tank MACHINE GUN : 218B4 HEAT : 218B6 SABOT : 218B8 AX : 218BA NOTE: It may be