Blinx – The Time Sweeper – Platform: XBox

...cheats, codes, maps, saves, tips

Level skip:
While playing the game, hold Black and press White to advance to the next level
with the current level marked as complete with an „S+” rank. Note: This can only
be done in levels that have not already been completed. Press Black + White on
controller two to advance to the next level , without completing the current
level. This brings you to the standard level roundup screen, where Blinx will
get paid for the trash, etc. he has collected and keep his time crystals as
normal. This is also useful for getting an A+/S+ time when all else fails.

Ultimate Sweeper:
Collect all 80 Cat Medals. You can now buy the Ultimate Sweeper for 90, 000 at
the last shop before the final Boss. This is a Level 3 Sweeper that can sweep
any trash size and shoots fire and ice.

Bonus FMV sequence:
Successfully complete levels 1-1 through 8-4 with a „A+” or greater rank. A FMV
sequence of the game developers will be unlocked in the „Collection” option for
your prizes.

Quick level completion:
As soon as the level starts, quickly do a low jump and land back on the level
start ring. The game is programmed to think that this is the finish ring. Note:
This is very difficult to perform, but it is possible.

Easy money:
Fight the Boss of Hourglass Caves. He is easy, and can be defeated in under a
minute. Kill him, and get as close to the location he was last at when he died.
If you are in the correct location, you will pick up all of the money he spits
out. Additionally, defeat a boss and collect all the gold coins. When you finish
collecting them, immediately use a Rewind. Most of the coins will return,
allowing you to get almost double the amount of gold.

Duplicating high yield items:
For example, in Stage 1 Level 2 you will encounter two time monsters balancing
on clock balls. Each of these balls are high yield items. This means each ball
if kept in your sweeper at the end of the round will yield 100 gold. Note: Upon
entering the level user should have or obtain at least One Record power-up.
After killing off all necessary time monsters, make sure to collect and save
both time clock balls remaining behind after killing the time monster atop them.
Go somewhere in the level with a fair amount of room and make sure both clock
balls are ready to be expelled. Use a Record power-up, and while recording,
shoot out/expel both clock balls and wait for Record power-up to run out. After
the Record power-up has run out, you are rewound and returned to the state
previous to expelling the clock balls. You will notice that your recorded self
expels/shoots out two balls. If you now look at your sweeper bag you will see
that the two original balls are still there. You can now go and pick up the
other two balls and have four instead of two. Even better, if you have two
Record power-ups, after collecting the first set of extra balls you can then
record yourself expelling all four balls. Then, your recorded self will expel
four balls and now after collecting those four, you will have eight balls. Note:
This will work with any item.

Defeating the Cavern Boss:
Use Time Changers wisely. Use Pause when he is just normally attacking you to
get behind him easily, and when he does his two-charge attack. When he starts to
charge at you in the two-charge attack, use Pause quickly and move out of the
way (unless you can dodge it). Another way to avoid his two-charge attack is to
use Record. When he starts charging you the first time, use Record and run
around. He cannot hurt you, and when you return to normal time, he will follow
the recorded version of Blinx instead of the real version. An easy way to hit
him without using time alterations or waiting for his normal charge is to shoot
any piece of junk at him when you are relatively close. When he sucks it in, run
behind him and shoot him.