City of Heroes

City of Heroes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Talk to a pedestrian who has a name that starts with one of the following
characters to get the game information.

Letter Result
E – Real world time
F – Paragon City time
G – Number of heroes in the current zone
H – Random names of other heroes in current zone
M – Total elapsed time played for current hero since creation
N – Number of times you have logged into the game with current hero
O – Elapsed time logged in today with current hero
J – How many times you have used a power today
K – How much damage dealt with your powers today

Check Gameplay Time:
Find any NPC (a civillian in Paragon City who is not a hero) whose name begins
with the letter M. Go up close enough and talk to them. They will tell you
how many hours you have been playing with only the character you are currently

Change Cartoon Text Bubble Colors:
Type this and replace the colors included below for any other colors /bind enter,

Increase Text Size:
Type this in at the end of the above code and change the numbers after scale to
whatever you want.

Type ;Dance in the chat window. Your hero will do one of several dances.
Continue typing it to cycle through the different dances.

Fly underwater:
While you are swimming in the water, turn on Fly. You will stay in the water, but
if you stop you will come out.

Easy experience:
Note: This trick requires invisibility. Go into any mission with Clickable Objective
Items (trash cans, crates, etc.) that give you experience. Turn on invisibility and
get all of the clickable items. As long as the mission does not end by clicking the
items, you can go outside, restart the mission, and do it all over again until you
have obtained as much experience as desired. As long as you do not train the level
after leveling, if you want to take the time to gain a few levels by doing this, the
times will always give the same amount of experience as long as you remain at the
same level.

Secret Badge:
Defeat 100 Contaminated in the tutorial zone to earn the Isolator Badge.

Peacebringer and Warshade arch-types
Simply get a character to level 50 and the two new arch-types will be added to the
hero creation list.

How to change your text color:
Ok to change your text color type /bind enter beginchat
<color xxxxxx><bgcolor xxxxxx><bordercolor xxxxxx>
Replace the x’s with color names or hex values with a # before the value. If you
are using hex values, putting two extra digits each 0-9 will make that aspect of
the text box transparent to that % of transparency.

Farming secret:
When XP Farming use a radio/newspaper mission. Grab a mission against a type of enemy
that you like or can easily kill. Freakshow are great because you can sometimes get
double kills. Make sure the mission is a kidnap or rescue mission. Now go in and kill
everything. Some guides recommend defeat all missions and leaving a few. This way you
can kill everything. Now you need to escort your civilian to the door. Turn on your
travel power and exit the mission to reset. The civilian cannot keep up and you can
exit without completing the mission. Reset and repeat.