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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Money maker:
1. 1. What I have here is a slightly complicated.easy cheat that helps you
gain gold Extremely fast.. It is fairly complicated so pay attention. It is
not a hack – it merely involves playing around with browser cookies – you see,
the Gaia client stores a cookie detailing what you were doing last time you
logged out. By fiddling around with the information, we can make it look
like you have been gaining gold for a lot longer than you really were.

Follow these instructions very carefully:

1. Log out of Gaia
2. Open up your email account or program. This is so that we can first send a
request to the Gaia cookie server in order to decode the information contained
within the cookie.
3. Create a new email and address then email to (They use
this so it wont be easy to find the email.)
4. You MUST enter the subject line as