Hunter – The Reckoning – Platform: Gamecube

Nightmare mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the „Nightmare Mode” option at the
Special Features screen.

Alternate Hunter mode:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the „Alternate Hunter Mode” option
at the Special Features screen.

Alternate ending sequence:
Save at over 50 Innocents before returning to the train to unlock the good ending.

Defeating Hadrian:
It is best to stay near Hadrian (the opponent with the talking arm). If you
move in the room while fighting him, two of the first level Bosses (with
many arms) and four of the enemies that hit you with their eyelashes
(with 2 legs) will attack.

Defeating vampires:
Use Judge. His crossbow kills them in one shot. Note: This refers to the white
ladies that have machine guns and can move very fast, and not the Boss to the

Defeating the werewolf:
On the levels after Arkady when the blue wolves chase you, do not waste
any ammunition or conviction on them. Save it up for the werewolf, and
use special weapons or conviction on him. You will need all the items
you can get for the last Boss, especially if you do not have a lot of
lives or are Martyr or Defender.

Defeating zombies:
In most levels, there are many fences. If you do not have many lives, or
just want to save the ones you have, simply shoot the zombies through the
fence. When your are done, go in the fenced area and wait for more zombies
to appear. When they do, exit the fenced area and continue shooting. Note:
Avengers unlimited gun and the shotgun will shoot through, but the other
hunters may not.

Defeating the Mansion Boss:
To defeat the Boss with Judge, use WordOfPower. When Judge’s conviction
disappears, go up close with the sword and slash. The Boss will kill you,
but you will return with more conviction. Then, use WordOfPower and repeat.
To defeat the Boss with Judge and Defender, use the same as with just Judge,
but have Defender get all the special weapons on the level. While Judge does
his attacks, have Defender stay back and shoot.