SD Gundam Dodgeball – Platform: Super Nintendo

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Note: This game is also titled Battle Dodgeball 2.

Hint: Power Ball
To use a „Power Ball”, run either towards or away your
opponent and quickly press B, A.

Hint: Gain MP
To catch a ball and gain MP, press A just before it hits you.

Hint: Inflict more damage
Select the Ice Stage in one or two player mode. Once you
have got the ball, run and use the „Power ball” trick, so
they can catch it and skid backwards. Once they are outside
the arena, your opponent should drop the ball. The people on
the side of the area will get the ball. Once they have got
the ball, throw as many balls as you can at the person out
of the arena.

Hint: Passing to the inner area
To pass just to your three characters in the inner area, press Back + Y.

Hint: Special ability
When you have 4 MP by catching 4 balls, press L + R, and
they will use their special ability.

Hint: Super special ability
Use a leader of a team and gain 8 MP. Press L + R, and
they will use their super special ability.

Hint: Defend from a special ability
When you have 4 MP, and your opponent is using his
special ability (when moving to the central circle),
press L + R. Your team member will walk up to their
side of the area and kick, punch or use their sword to
stop them from using it.

Hint: Accurate power balls
Run away from your opponent. Just before you reach the
boundaries quickly press B, A.