Super Dodge Ball Advance – Platform: Gameboy Advance

Extra dream teams:
Enter championship mode and get your team to first rank.
You will then challenge a dream team. You must defeat
them two out of three times. There are five teams, the last
being the Atlus team. Once you defeat them you can play as
them. When you go through championship mode again you will
fight a double of your team.

Hint: Super Throw
Get the ball and back up slightly from the line. Then,
press Forward(2) to run. On the third footstep or crunch,
press Throw. You will perform a Super Throw. There are 50
Super Throws in all. You can also do a Pass Super Throw and
a Running Jump Super Throw. Note: These can be blocked.

Hint: Call out teammate
Press L to call out a teammate. They will run and jump across
the line. You can then pass the ball to them and perform a
Super Throw with them.

Hint: Duck or catch
Press A to duck from a ball coming at you. Press B to catch a
ball that is coming at you.