Super Monkey Ball – Step And Roll – Platform: Wii

Hidden bananas:
Search the indicated locations to find the hidden bananas in each world:

Monkey Island (Unripe Banana): Behind a wall in the „Chute”level.

Excavation Site (Super Sweet Banana): Near the end on the „Starship” level.

Polar Festival (Frozen Banana): Near the beginning the „Ecdysis”
level on top of a wall. Note: Get a running start to collect it.

Magma Valley (Flaming Banana): Near the beginning of the „Windows” level
when you fall down.

Siliconia (Techno Banana): At the top of the „Wormhole Slope” level, get
a running start to reach it when going through the teleporter.
Note: It is on the right of the level when you start.