You Dont Know Jack! 4

You Dont Know Jack! 4

Host burns you worse then usual:
Type F**k You (without the asterisks) as your player name, then when
you get a gibberish question, type F**k You (without the asterisks)
to get an even worse response than if you had entered a regular name.

The ultimate response:
Start a three player game, then wait for a gibberish question. Proceed
to buzz in with each player and type F**K You (without the asterisks).
The third time you do this, the host goes on about how he is not putting
up with this and quitting the game. During this, press any key. The host
will say similar to , Oh no, youre not getting out that easy, this
game is over!. Then, something very funny will happen.

Start a seven question, one player game. Finish the game. Keep pressing
B at the high-score screen and continue to do this during the commercials.
After the first commercial or two, you will be treated to bloopers. The
sounds will play as follows: commercial, blooper, commercial, blooper, etc.

Special greeting:
When playing the game on a holiday you will get a special greeting. The
same thing happens early in the morning, late at night, and Friday and
Saturday nights.

Surprise names:
Sometimes while typing in your name, only vowels will be allowed to be
entered. Sometimes, no matter what you type, you will get only the letter
I (the elevator lady says, Gee, you have beautiful Is) and other
times the game displays a pre-programmed phrase. For example, the politics
floor will enter Tricky Dick. Also try entering famous names, such as
one of the Beatles or twelve Apostles.

Personalized announcement:
Type a common name at the name entry screen, such as Brian.
The elevator lady will say Okay, Brian. Thanks.