Children of Mana – Platform: Nintendo DS

Bonus dungeon:
Near the end of the game, equip an Elemental Spirit then speak to it in the
Mana Village. Successfully complete its quest to meet the Benevodon of the
same element in another dungeon. Do the same thing for the other seven
Elemental Spirits to get a total of eight Lex items. Successfully complete
the game after you have done this. When the game resumes at the Mana Village,
the Mana Tree mural will glow. Enter it to teleport to a bonus section of
the last dungeon.

Key to Haunted House:
When you are in the room with moti, go over near the fireplace. There should
be a coatrack by it. If it is sparkling, press a and it should say something
like „You obatin the Hidden Key”. Go out to the Haunted House (which should
be right under Moti’s house) and open the door.