Call of Cthulhu – Dark Corners of the Earth – Platform: XBox

Safe Combinations:
Knowing the safe combination is useless since Jack Walters needs to find
the clue before the safe can be used. For all combinations, start rotating
the dial clockwise to the first number, then proceed in the opposite
direction to the next number. Change rotational direction upon reaching
each number and the safe’s door should open.

Variety Store safe: Clue is in Waite residence attic. Combination is 2-6-1-2.

Church Basement safe: Clue is to use postcard on number tablet.
Combination is 3-1-5-7.

Precinct safe: Clue is in cell next to Brian’s cell. Combination is 1-8-4-6.

Masonic Hall safe: Clue is in second floor study. Combination is 1-8-7-8.

A rank:
Get a 100% game completion to earn an A rank. This can be done by collecting
all journal entries (13 in Jack’s Diary, 18 in General Evidence, and 6 in
Mythos Tomes), finding the rifle at the reception office door in the
refinery, saving Ruth from the rafters, and keeping enough sailors alive
during the boat ambush all in under three and a half hours with less than
thirty manual saves.