• God Eater Resurrection

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    Cheat Codes:

    Successfully complete the listed task to unlock the corresponding achievemen
    To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select „Community”, „My profile”,
    „View all my games”, then the game and view stat

    AchievementHow to unlock
    A New Leader – Assume the role of 1st Unit Leade
    A Power Unleashed – Activate a Control Unit’s effect for the first tim
    A Real Treasure – Obtain your first piece of rank 14 equipmen
    Beacon for Retaliation – Overcome adversity and succeed in reinstating the 1st Uni
    Broken Bond – Break your first enemy bon
    Camaraderie – Teach an ally a new abilit
    Destroyer – Destroy 100 bond
    Divine Fodder – Gain strength by devouring an Aragam
    Elite Unit – Clear 50 Urgent Missions
    Enigmatic God Eater – Co mplete the Challenge Mission that unlocks Re
    God Arc Compatible – Pass the aptitude tes
    Jackpot – Discover a rare Abandoned God Ar
    Legendary Unit – Clear 100 urgent mission
    Master Predator – Activate five types of Control Unit effects at the same tim
    Most Trusted Ally – Use one type of equipment for 500 mission
    New Gear – Craft non-clothing equipment for the first tim
    Proud Survivor – Clear a survival mission on the highest difficulty alon
    Shared Power – Successfully use a Link Burs
    Skill Master – Activate 25 or more skill effects simultaneousl
    The Brink of Death – Perform link aid on an all
    The Edge of Truth – Vanquish Dyaus Pita and avenge your comrad
    The Legend Begins – Collect all trophies
    Unstoppable Armament – Obtain a complete set of rank 14 equipmen
    Until We Meet Again – Unite with your comrades and settle your grudge
    Visions of Dread – Clear a Perilous Challenge missio

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