A Bugs Life – Platform: Playstation 1

Level skip:
Pause game play and press L1(2), R2(2), X, Circle, Triangle.
Alternately, press L1(2), R2(2), X, Circle, Triangle at
the main menu.

Unlimited lives:
Return to training level and find the letters to spell
„FLIK” to gain a bonus life. Repeat this to obtain as many
lives as needed before resuming the regular game.

Hidden training level:
Begin game play in the training level and finish all of
Mr. Soil’s objectives. Then, bounce on all the spiders to
kill them to reach a hidden level. Complete this new level
to view three FMV sequences.

Bonus levels:
There are three bonus levels in the game. For the first,
abdomen bounce three to five bugs without missing one in a
level. In the Tunnels level, get the blue berry and kill
five grasshoppers without missing one. For the third, in the
Clover Forest level, line five mushrooms up in the beginning
and hop from one to the other without touching the ground.
Make sure you bounce once on each of them. Finish the Bug
Circus, and you will get a new FMV sequence after each one.