Cheat Codes:

Unlocking Chapter Select:
Complete the game once to unlock the Chapter Select option in the Main Men

Unlocking Fish Aquarium Screensavers:
Find the Meditation Shark Statues hidden around the game, sit on top of
these Shark Statues and follow the on-screen bottom-left instructions to
activate the Abzu screensaver (on PS4 press the Touch pad button to meditate
or exit the screensaver Once activated, you can press the left analogue
stick on your controller to switch between the different fish in the
,aquarium, section of the game you,re in, meaning you,ll find yourself
following a majestic Manta Ray around until you see another fish in the ree
After you sit on/unlock these Meditation Statues, you can return to these
non-gameplay screensaver sections from the game,s Main Menu to watch the
fishes you,ve discovere

Blue Diving Suit:
Collect all 19 shells and you will then be able to obtain the blue diving
sui To do so, first exit the spirit worl Then follow the paths around
your shell collection and interact with the murals and nearby wall
With the suit equipped, you can swim much more quickl

Finding Nemo Easter Egg:
You can find a clown fish and a blue tang fish playing together, a
reference to Pixar’s animated films about Nemo and Dor To do so, make
your way through the Whale Shark level until you go through the first
major gate, where you’ll activate two fountain Look for a hole in the
ceiling, which you can swim through to find the two lone fis