ActRaiser – Platform: Wii

Planting Wheat:
Once the residents of Bloodpool learn how to plant wheat instead of corn,
you can gain an infinite amount of wheat product from them as an offering.
Use it on corn fields in other towns to teach them how to plant wheat as
well. Wheat will allow populations to grow higher and quicker, since it
feeds more people, and can’t be destroyed by earthquakes. Therefore, after
planting wheat somewhere, cause an earthquake to destroy the corn fields.
Thereafter, the residents of the town will replant their crops, but this
time, they’ll plant wheat. Then, all you have to do is watch your
population grow!

Enemy Chart:
Below is a list of enemies in the simulation section of the game, and what
they do to your town.

Bat – Kidnaps four residents at a time (kill with one hit)
Blue Devil – Destroys one house at a time (kill with three hits)
Red Devil – Destroys a field of crops (kill with four hits)
Skull – Causes earthquakes (kill with eight hits)

Hidden Extra Lives:
Here is how to find four hidden extra lives in the game’s towns:

Unlockable – How to Unlock
Bloodpool – Make it rain over the big lake.
Fillmore – When you get the Compass, use it here.
Kasandora – Cause an earthquake after uncovering the pyramid.
Northwall – Strike the town’s shrine with a lightning bolt.

Northwall Monster Lairs:
It may not be immediately clear, but all enemy lairs can be sealed in
snowy Northwall. While the snow and ice around a couple of them cannot be
removed, you can still order your residents to seal the lairs over the
snow and ice. This is the only town in the game where this can be done.

Professional Mode:
To access the hidden Professional mode, first, beat the game. Then on the
title screen, highlight ”New Game” and press Down or Select.

Utilizing Civilization Level:
Usually, a town’s civilization level will increase after a certain number
of monster lairs are sealed. A higher civilization level allows your
residents to build houses that hold more people, from 2, to 4, all the way
up to 8. It’s a good idea to cause earthquakes in any land when the town
reaches its highest civilization level. This will cause all older, weaker
structures to be destroyed, but they will be rebuilt using the newer
technology. This technique will exponentially increase your population.