Aliens – Colonial Marines

Cheat Codes:

Easy challenges and XP:
In Level 10: Reclaimed, when the objective is „Destroy the AA guns (3 of 3)”, you will reach
a point where a solider is using a flamethrower to burn an alien, and „Checkpoint Reached”
will appear on the left side of the scree In this area, simply go down the hill and kill
all enemies, then reload the checkpoint, and repeat this as many times as desire You can
get 6,000 XP an hour and complete many challenges for additional XP using this tric You can
do this at any checkpoint in the game, but this is a really good area to kill a lot of enemies
and get X

In Level 10: Reclaimed, once the third AA gun is destroyed, you will continue through the rocky
exterior to a destroyed buildin The floor is destroyed just past some ammo to the right of
the entranc Stop before leaving this buildin There is a sheer drop after stepping through
the exit door, leading into a large open area with unlimited spawning alien From the exit
looking out into the courtyard, look to the far righ Equip any scoped weapon, and look for
the aliens appearing above the spotligh They will run across the roof before jumping dow
If you stay inside the building, and do not drop down into the courtyard, the aliens will never
stop spawnin Kill as many aliens as desired to get as much XP as desired and complete
Note: When you run out of ammo, simply reload the previous checkpoin You will retain any
points gained toward challenges and X

Alien ship pilot holographic space battle Easter Egg:
In Level 8: Rampart, when you encounter the pilot of the alien ship, as featured in the Alien
movi Shoot bullets into its skull until a holographic space battle begins playing over its

Giant donut Easter Egg:
In Level 7: One Bullet, when you get the „Find a way into the Weyland-Yutani Facility to save
Bella” objective, follow the stairs to a door, and exit the interior to enter a rocky exterior
area with lava flowing down a cliff to your righ Run partway up the path ahead, and look to
the right across the chasm with a scoped weapon to find a box of donut Shoot them, and they
will disappea Then, look to where your teammates are waiting to see a giant donut appear
uphil It will roll down, launch off the cliff, and explode in the lav

Spaceballs Easter Egg:
In Level 7: One Bullet, go through the facility to the operating rooms with Xeno specimens in
glass container Continue past a room where test subjects are attached to Facehuggers and
through the hallway ahead where you encounter more soldier In this area, look for a door with
a green ligh Explore the hallway to locate an office with the mission’s second audio lo
Before entering the second room where soldiers attempt to activate alarms, leave, and go around
to another hallway leading to the same alarm roo Cruz will wait to rush inside the alarm roo
Instead of following him, leave the operating room through the alternate door, and enter the
alarm room through the left side of the pat By entering the alarm room this alternate way, it
will activate a special Easter Eg Inside one of the glass containers, look closely to see a
tiny top hat and cane where a chestburster should b This is a reference to the famous scene
near the end of Spaceballs, when the character Kane (played by John Hurt) makes a cameo, in which
a chestburster explodes from his chest and dances out of the scene singing „Hello! Ma Baby” ,
which is a reference to the Warner Bro character Michigan Fro

Easy „Short, Controlled Bursts” achievement:
In Level 1: Distress, shortly after fighting the first group of aliens, you will reach the
hangar ba Your comrade will throw a grenade and destroy a dropshi Then, you will have to
defend him until he opens a doo Two AI controlled allies are standing behind a barricad
None of the enemies can get behind this barricade to get the achievemen It is recommended
to play on the Recruit difficult Stay in front of the barricade the entire tim Enemies
are much more likely to attack real players than AI controlled one You may take a few hits,
but the shotgun will kill all aliens quickl Once the door is open, immediately fall bac