America’s Army – Special Forces Overmatch

Cheat Codes:

Use a text editor to edit the „armyopini” file in the „system” folder
in the game director Add the following line under the „[EnginGameEngine]”
heading to enable cheat mod

bMPCheats=Enabled 2

Then, press ~ or [Tab] during game play to display the console windo
Enter one of the following code

Result Code
Third person view – behindview 1
Unlimited ammunition – mpcheat paramsammo 1
No clipping mode – mpcheat ghost
Disable no clipping mode – walk
Weapon select – mpcheat changeclass [weapon name]
Start game alone1 – start [level name]
Spawn indicated item or NPC1 – summon [item or character name]
Freeze game play – playersonly

Weapon names:
Use one of the following entries with the „mpcheat changeclass” cod

ak (AK47)
ak74su (AK74SU)
ar (SAW)
at4 (American rocket launcher)
b (Benelli m390 combat shotgun with 7 slug rounds)
f (Fists)
g (M16A2 with grenade launcher)
gp (AK47 with grenade launcher)
m4a1 (M4A1)
m4m (same as sf but with different grenades)
m9 (pistol)
mos (Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle)
r (Grenades)
rpg (Rocket propelled grenade)
rpk (OpFor machine gun)
s (M81 sniper)
s24 (M24 sniper)
spr (Silenced weapon with 4x zoom)
svd (Dragonov sniper rifle)
v (AK siris modified weapon)

Item names:
Use one of the following entries with the „spawn” cod

agp_inventorPickupW_AT4_Rocket (4 rocket launcher)
agp_inventorPickupW_RPG7_Rocket (for rpg7 rocket launcher)
agp_inventorPickupW_M870_shotgun (shotgun)
agp_inventorPickupT_M14_Incendiary (new grenade that explodes into flames)

NPC names:
Use one of the following entries with the „spawn” cod

agp_characternpc_flight crew

Get the grenade launche Change to grenade launcher mod Fire one shot and do
not reloa Switch back to single fire mod Press H or [Semicolon] (or other
re-defined key) to switch between the grenade and single fire mode 5 time
Then, very quickly press F to fix ja Your ammunition should go to „-1 Switch
back to grenade mode and reloa You will now have one shot in your grennade
launche Fire that off, then reloa You will now have 255 grenade ammunition
in the grenade launcher and can fire off grenades when you fire regularl
Note: You cannot reload your regular magazine after you waste all of your
ammunitio You must switch back to grenade mode and use those shot